Call Any Phone

Utilize a soft phone from Worldvox, and you can call any phone internationally using your computer or smart phone (3G, 4G, or WiFi) starting as low as ½ a penny/minute. All you need is a solid internet connection, a speaker, and a microphone. That’s it.

Visit and download a softphone to your PC, Mac, Iphone, or Android phone. Save up to 80% on skype out per minute rates.*

Your own Global Phone Number

Your friends and family call your Worldwide Caller number, you answer with Worldwide Caller, no matter where you are in the world. Purchase your own Worldwide Caller phone number in the country of your choice. Prices start as low as $1 / month.

Call Forwarding

Set up call forwarding to your mobile or landline phone. Instead of just missing a call you’ll now just receive it somewhere else.

the savings
per minute rates.
Skype out per minute
rates as of 5/24/2012*
Colombia - Cali 1.38¢ 5.6¢
India 1.8¢ 9.2¢
Mexico - Onnet 1.31¢ 10.5¢
France - Cellular 3.35¢ 20.9¢
UK - Cellular - O2 4.56¢ 25.9¢
Cambodia 3.95¢ 30¢
Vietnam 33.5¢