Worldvox is committed to maintaining the privacy of our customers and protecting the confidentiality of customer personal information. Worldvox complies with all applicable laws, such as the Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”) rules of the Federal Communications Commission, in order to safeguard each customer’s account information and other personal information.

CPNI includes information about the services you purchase from Worldvox, the class of service (local, long distance, internet, etc.), billing detail, such as the calling plan you have selected, the number and type of lines you subscribe to, your name, service location and any telephone numbers assigned to you; charges for your Worldvox services, information about the calling location and the numbers you have called.

As a service to our customers, Worldvox may use this type of information from time to time to make you aware of other Worldvox telecommunications products and services which may be of interest to you. In addition, we may also share your name and address in order to allow you to receive marketing offers from companies who provide complementary services to your Worldvox Services. We provide these services to you in order to enhance the value of your business relationship with Worldvox.

Worldvox does not, however, sell or share your CPNI to third parties that are not affiliated or associated with Worldvox. And the Company does not disclose your CPNI outside of Worldvox or its authorized agents without your consent, except as permitted or required by law. Telecommunications companies sometimes use contractors or other companies to perform business functions (such as installation of service components or issuing bills for services rendered). In the event Worldvox uses third-party companies to facilitate its provision of service to you, we restrict their use of your personal information and will not do business with companies which do not agree to safeguard your CPNI every bit as fully as we protect it. We may need to disclose CPNI and other personal information about you (such as credit card numbers) to Worldvox business partners who are directly involved in the provision of our services to you, or in the event Worldvox merges with or is otherwise part of a business combination with another telecommunications company. Even in these circumstances, however, the privacy of your personal information is protected. And of course, if you specifically direct us to share your customer information with someone else (for example, if you appoint an agent to act for you for the purpose of arranging Worldvox service), we will comply with your request.

All Worldvox employees who deal with the public or use customer personal information in the course of performing their job responsibilities are trained to ensure that your personal information is used only as directed by you, or revealed as permitted or required by law (for example, to aid in the provision of services to you, or to protect your safety or the safety of your family members in case of emergency).

Personal information about products or services used by our customers is collected by Worldvox in the normal course of business. In addition to providing you information about new Worldvox products and services, this information is necessary in order to permit the Company to identify you in the event you contact us with a customer request, to bill you correctly for Worldvox products and services, to ensure that you are qualified to participate in the service plan(s) you have selected, to accurately apply federal, state or local taxes, to enable Worldvox to protect its property or enforce agreements or terms of service, to enable Worldvox to provide customer information to state or federal agencies (unless state or federal regulations require otherwise, however, this information is provided in a sanitized format which would not reveal your name, address or telephone number).

Personal information is also collected automatically when you visit and navigate the Worldvox website. Such information might include your IP address, the type of browser you are using or the website from which you accessed our website. Worldvox may also receive personal information about its customers from other sources, such as credit information for new Worldvox customers, or updated address information following the delivery of products to you. And we may purchase lists containing customer personal information such as addresses, phone numbers or email addresses from third parties for advertising purposes. When Worldvox does so, this information also becomes protected as confidential information

You should review this CPNI Privacy Policy from time to time. Worldvox will update this document to reflect any changes the Company may make concerning its intended use of CPNI, or any changes to the Policy which may be required by law. In the event Worldvox makes any material change to this CPNI Policy, we will post the revised information on this page for at least thirty (30) days before the change in policy takes effect. You may opt out of the proposed change by contacting Worldvox at the address listed below to let us know that you do not agree to the change. Under federal law, you are entitled to have the privacy of your service and usage information protected. There will be certain circumstances when Worldvox must reveal some of your personal information in order to protect your safety or provide reports to state or federal agencies. If you wish, you may direct Worldvox to refrain from using your CPNI for all marketing activities. To do so, please send us your billing account number, account name and complete address with a request to be removed from our marketing list to:

Worldvox Corporation
ATTN: Customer Care (CPNI)
3116 Weddington Rd, Suite 900-135
Matthews, NC 28105